During the last decade, beverages have become more complex, diverse & more focus has been placed on using 100% natural ingredients. Artificial colours are gradually being replaced with more complex, expensive & less potent natural colours. Fruit & vegetable juices have progressively become the norm for medium-high-end beverages.Added value ingredients have become "must have" status & fortification is becoming more popular. What essentially brings all these components together in perfect harmony is the formulation. It not only represents beverages character & general sensorial experience, but it also can harmonize ingredients to meet each region’s unique taste.

Another popular trend is to pasteurize instead of using prevalent artificial preservatives. Various techniques exist, but flash pasteurization tends to be the most popular type used for the manufacture of beverages. This process vigorously heats the beverage for a limited time as to ensure that pathogens are destroyed & then super cools it to prevent degradation of the ingredients. Colour, flavour, nutritionals & texture are often affected, thus this is why beverage formulations need to be designed based on sound science.

Rexus has the resources to develop a wide range of beverage formulations – from simple soda’s to sophisticated healthy juices or Natural Health Products (NHPs) and everything in between.  

A 2010 survey showed that 73% of Canadians take NHP’s on a regular basis.  NHP’s are products such as nutrients (vitamins, minerals, amino acids etc), herbal remedies and traditional medicines that are safe for consumption without a prescription.   NHP’s carry natural health product numbers (NPN’s) so that the consumer can recognize that the product has been deemed safe for use.  NHP’s are intended to restore or maintain good health and are available in variety of forms such as protein bars or vitamin enriched juice.  Thanks to our GMP scheme, you can feel confident in our development of flavoured NHP beverage applications.

For more information regarding Natural Health Products, please visit Health Canada’s website:   

Among a nearly endless variety of choices in drinks. A quick spin through the beverage section at every part of the world can be overwhelming. Among all these varieties, we have reasons for you to consider making Rexus your choice when selecting a go-to drink.Rexus drinks offer great taste with great benefits!

1. Simply put, there is nothing else like Rexus. We created Rexus drinks based on real-life feedback from drinkers. Rexus includes nature-derived dietary ingredients in effective drink solutions that help to stay healthy and happy. 

2. We scour the world to find the finest ingredients with the highest efficacy and safety standards. No artificial colors, flavors or high calorie sweeteners are used and our drinks have surprisingly low calories per bottle.

3. Rexus mission is to create great tasting drinks that do great things for people. Rexus drinks help, providing enhanced energy and focus, a protective dose of key vitamins and nutrients, a serene, calming mood, even a full night of restful sleep.

At Rexus, we know that function is fundamental to life: creating drinks that work is our passion. Our team of drink scientists excels at identifying people's daily needs and sourcing the best ingredients from around the world to help meet their requirements.

Our proprietary drink formulas are unique, delicious and most importantly, full of the healthiest and most efficacious vitamins and minerals.

Our commercial and technical consultancy, market intelligence and conference services have helped shape the worldwide food and drinks industry for years.

We design and build factories, find co-packers, consolidate production, improve factory efficiency, improve quality and food safety, and lower costs. Our hydrogeologists are experts in groundwater resources for use in bottled water and soft drinks. Our sustainability consultants advise on waste, energy and water reduction.

This mix of market analysts, commercial strategists and engineers is unusual in a single consultancy – and it gives us the expertise we need to take a broad view of clients' needs and respond to them, whatever might arise.

Working for so many international producers, start-ups, investors, suppliers and trade associations has given us a breadth and depth of experience that makes us the ideal long-term partner for any food and drinks business.

Contact us to start formulating your whole beverage concept or to simply develop a better taste and fortification.